Google revises help page that describes how its "Location History" setting works, clarifying that it still tracks location even if the setting is turned off (Ryan Nakashima/Associated Press)

Autonomous retail startup Inokyo’s first store feels like stealing

SFOX, a crypto trading platform for institutional investors and others, raises $22.7M Series A led by Tribe Capital and Social Capital (Wolfie Zhao/CoinDesk)

Canalys: 16.8M smart speakers were sold globally in Q2, up 187% YoY from 5.8M in 2017; China sales grew 52% as Alibaba and Xiaomi sold 3M and 2M respectively (Kyle Wiggers/VentureBeat)

Facebook cracks down on opioid dealers after years of neglect

Tomu is a fingernail-sized computer that is easy to swallow

Credit Karma acquires mortgage platform Approved for an undisclosed sum, says it's a natural next step to get into the mortgage business (Frederic Lardinois/TechCrunch)