Bitcoin Core client, patched earlier this week, contained a second vulnerability which let attackers create new bitcoins above the 21M hard cap (Alyssa Hertig/CoinDesk)

White House says draft EO ordering probes into practices of Facebook and Google is not an official document; sources: Yelp contacted WH aides with the draft EO (Washington Post)

As it gets ready to launch its first commercial robot, Boston Dynamics is still struggling to articulate what the big application for its robots is (New York Times)

Latvian hacker sentenced to 14 years in prison for creating and running Scan4You service that allowed malware authors to check the detection rates of their code (Catalin Cimpanu/ZDNet)

NextVR now supports Oculus Rift and Oculus Go for its live sports and entertainment broadcasts (Mariella Moon/Engadget)

Lately @Twitter account became more playful in its interactions with users; Twitter says it's part of an effort to promote healthy conversations on the platform (Casey Newton/The Interface)

Sources: Apple delayed launch of streaming video service twice, last time till March, spiked Dr. Dre's series as too violent as it looks for less edgy content (Wall Street Journal)