15 Coolest Websites You Didn't Know Existed

Some of the Coolest Websites You Didn't Know Existed

1.      Svejk.co – Lists, compilations, tutorials and news. Fresh content every day.
2.      Lights – An interactive music video of Lights.
3.      Chordify – Transform a YouTube song in to guitar chords.
4.      Wildflower – This awesome website produces endless cool random flowers.
5.      Powerball Simulator – As the sites name says it is a simulator for Powerball.
6.      A Soft Murmur – Create a custom ambient sound mix (rain, thunder, waves, coffee shop, etc) to block distractions.
7.      Audio Landscape – Fly over a landscape generated dynamically from music.
8.      ChillJam – Listen to music based on your mood.
9.      BallDroppings – Make music with balls bouncing on lines.
10. 100,000 Stars – This site that allows you to explore the universe in your browser.
11. Open Payment Data – Look up here if your doctor is getting paid by a pharma company.
12. Svejk.co – Awesome lists, videos and animations every day!
13. Twitter Clock – Tweets for every minute.
14. Cocktail Builder – This website tells you what drinks you can make with the contents of your bar, and what you should buy to maximize the number of drinks you can make.

15. Crumbles – Type a sentence into this website and it will create a video message of your text using various movie clips.