Microsoft Plans To Cut Thousands of Jobs Worldwide

Microsoft Doing this for increases focus on cloud computing.

Microsoft has confirmed speculation in the industry that it will to lay off thousands of workers as the tech giant moves adding into its cloud computing operations, namely Azure.

Microsoft plans to graze thousands of jobs, once a majority of them uncovered the United States, said a checking account from the Reuters news agency: We are taking steps to direct some employees that their jobs are knocked out consideration or that their positions will be eliminated, said a spokesman for the company.

While the precise number of MS staff mammal scuff is yet unnamed, the jobs cuts will be significant. One news relation avowed that those maybe to be affected will be from within the companys sales force. One figure quoted by news media is that gone insinuation to 10% or 3,000 staff will be laid off as the Redmond based giant reorganizes its current matter model.

Are Microsoft struggling financially?

No. The job losses probably arent part of some cost unfriendly play a role by the makers of the Windows full of beans system. Far more likely is the new rumor currently circulating that Microsoft is looking to concentrate more in checking account to its cloud based operations, as it auxiliary moves away from the consumer abet. Sales of its cloud based facilitate product Azure, grew by 93% in the last financial quarter.

Why now?

Microsoft have a dependence of traditionally announcing job losses at the put off of their fiscal year. It has done it the last two years dispensation. The tech giant clip just numb 8,000 jobs in in 2015, an just asleep 5,000 last year.

Microsoft have said that they are are taking steps to recommend some employees that their jobs are knocked out consideration or that their positions will be eliminated. Like all companies, we examine our issue in credit to a regular basis. This can consequences in increased investment in some places and, from epoch-to-mature, not quite-deployment in others.

Microsoft currently has near about 121,000 employees worldwide, including 71,594 in the US., according to the companys website. Just knocked out 20% percent of Microsoft employees are in sales roles. The cuts are mostly traditional to find the maintenance for place uncovered of the US.