OnePlus 5 doesn't have feature to dial the emergency number!

OnePlus 5 is without a doubt standing out as truly newsworthy, however this one is for the wrong reason. A few clients are announcing that when they crisis approach their OnePlus 5, the cell phone just reboot. 

Clients have taken this issue Reddit to report a bug that is making their gadgets reboot at whatever point they call 911. One client named as Seattle_Horn stated, "I needed to dial 911 on my OP5 yesterday (saw an expanding ablaze a couple of pieces away) and the two times I attempted my telephone rebooted on me." The client was then ready to imitate the issue and have posted a video on his Facebook account. 

In the interim, another client from the UK detailed the comparable issue. He stated, "Simply attempted this with mine in the UK (examined over the radio to the police control room first of it was alright, we have a radio at work for the police) and it did likewise, this is not something worth being thankful for OnePlus." 

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In any case, there is no known particular reason for the issue, yet some trust that the issue is connected to handset's GPS. Some additionally trust that issue is not identified with a 911 call, but rather to other crisis numbers also. This is an intense bug since it will make it significantly more troublesome for somebody to call the crisis administrations amid some sudden unforeseen development. 

OnePlus is as yet taking a gander at the reason for this issue and has stated, "We have reached the client and are presently investigating the issue. We ask anybody encountering a comparable circumstance to get in touch with us at" 

This is not the first run through OnePlus 5 is damaged in a contention. Numerous early adopters are griping of an unusual issue on their new OnePlus 5 depicted as "jam looking over". Clients are detailing this issue on organization's legitimate gatherings and on Reddit, where at whatever point they scroll gradually, the content packs together and extends when looked over further. 

This makes a jellyfish-like development on the most recent lead gadget. There is no clarification for this issue yet; numerous clients call attention to in the discussions that there is a probability that the screen is mounted topsy turvy, which is causing this issue. 

Numerous clients are whining that regardless of associating their OnePlus 5 with a WiFi organize, they can't get to the web. A few clients say with a current refresh the flag bars while utilizing WiFi drop off and afterward backpedal up as though the telephone is searching for an option approach to associate with the WiFi organize, while other whine that they are not ready to utilize the web subsequent to interfacing with a WiFi arrange.