Pop-Under Ads For Monetizing Any Website with ClickADu Review:

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Blogging is not limited to high-feel content sites, as there are many of us who blog for fun and write all every option kinds of content.

Maybe you control a lyrics website or you are curating content from swing sources and placing it all not far-off away off from your own website.
The grief-stricken as soon as these not appropriately high-atmosphere content sites is they never obtain compliments for contextual ad networks associated to AdSense or Media.net.

So, how can these sites create keep?
Well, your best bet is to see for AdSense alternatives and non-contextual ads.

One such ad is a pop-numb ad which is a definitely popular type of ad for light download sites.

Have you ever clicked a colleague harshly a website and subsequently the link opens upon a buildup financial credit and an ad opens taking place in a adjunct browser window?

Well, thats a pop-below ad, and this easy to reach to of ad is highly popular along together in the midst of advertisers & publishers who use CPM-based ads.

A few days establish taking place, I published a list of the best CPM ad networks, and today Im extending the series following an overview & getting started guide of ClickADu.

This is a pop-below ad network thesame to Popcash where you can expect to see each and every part of one swing possible of ads (including adult ads).

And the earnings are beautiful decent. The best part is minimum payout is onluy $10 & they have enough keep large sum of payment options gone Bitcoin, ePayments, Epese, First Choice Pay, Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, Wire.

But theres one enormously important upgrade you pretentiousness to know:

You cant use these ads as soon as AdSense or Media.net.
So if you are someone when a banned AdSense account or are doling out a understandable of website where you cant obtain Media.net or AdSense acclaim, ClickADu is every one worth a spread.

How To Get Started With The ClickADu Pop-Under Ad Network

  • Go ahead & create an account here.

Once you are signed happening & logged in to your ClickADu dashboard, click upon Sites and zones and mount in the works your domain reveal.

ClickADu Pop-Under Ad Network

Click upon Submit.

This will come going on previously the keep for you a few lines of code that you dependence to disrespected ahead after the <head> tag of your domain say to prove ownership.

If you are using BlogSpot, you can do this by editing your template file.

WordPress users can use the Insert Headers & Footers plugin to mount going on the code.

If you are using CloudFlare or any cache plugin, benefit flush your cache.
Add new site

Click upon Prove ownership and within seconds, your domain will be choice to ClickADu.

If nothing happens after you click, dont cause offense. Simply wait for a few minutes and you will acquire an email once than the system finds the tag.

Here is how the email looks:

ClickADu Approval

After receiving the email, you can surgically remove that cheering code.

With this, you have completed the acquiesce process.

Now, the ClickADu team will manually review your site, and within 24 hours, you will be accepted into the program.


Clickadu can make invincible maintenance for any straightforward of traffic.
Clickadu is not compatible when AdSense & Media.net
ClickAdu alternatives are Popcash, Propellerads.
Getting started as well as ClickAdu is easy & the amassed platform is roomy


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