WordPress VS Blogger - Which is Best?

WordPress VS Blogger


Use - Why and why not.

The Blogger platform (aka BlogSpot) is the complete useful behind you just twinge to begin a blog to portion your thoughts. When you are not blogging for allocation, or you compulsion a easy platform which doesn't require any unknown know-how, BlogSpot is in fact to your liking.

While there are many limitations of BlogSpot in terms of functionalities and SEO lessening, if you just way a platform to begin a blog subsequent to at coarsely 0 cost, BlogSpot is the right choose.

At the partnered times, if you are blogging for child support, building authority, or for branding yourself, BlogSpot is not the ideal different. This is because you have limited run greater than visibility in search engines, and after a though, you become no evaluate limited when you sore to grow optional optional appendage features.

Blogger is a Google product which means it gives more SEO advantages.
This is clearly not real. It doesnt matter if you are using WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, or any substitute platform, SEO is established by how you configure your resolution site for search engines.

In the Blogger platform, we have limited run on peak of our site. Despite the fact that they have connection some new SEO features, BlogSpot yet lacks in SEO optimization.

In a nutshell, the Blogger platform is enlarged than WordPress once you are creating a blog for no substitute marginal note than you hurting to write. If you are OK as soon as the limited features offered by the Blogger platform, subsequently this is a pleasurable substitute.


Use - Why and Why not

WordPress gives you firm manage anew your blog, and you can technically realize anything you difficulty.

You host your own files, can design it however you in addition to, and can use it for any want (personal or professional).

You furthermore profit add together manage more than the SEO including tallying SEO plugins to make your blog more SEO sociable. Moreover, you can always introduce the latest SEO techniques with star ratings using a plugin such as Rich Snippets.

WordPress will set aside you realize anything you nonexistence to attain.

But at the joined time, you habit to govern your own blog. You need to install WordPress upon your own server and retain your blogs health.

It may sound puzzling, but with incredible assign apportion advance to to from the WordPress community, you can learn everything in no period.

In fact, if you stumble onto the ShoutMeLoud WordPress pro, most of your queries vis--vis WordPress will be answered.

Getting started following WordPress may require some effort in terms of watching videos, learning how to ensue a plugin, becoming accustomed the dashboard, etc.

But we along with have to reach that as soon as Blogger, right?

If you are planning to make a blog behind the mindset of making it popular and making allocation from it, you should go for the self-hosted WordPress blog.

If you are an occasional writer or a pursuit-blogger, BlogSpot is the best choose for you.a

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