Samsung could profit more from Apple's phone than it does from its own.

Apple and Samsung may be two of tech's biggest frenemies, but both of them are rooting for the iPhone X.

For all iPhone X Apple makes, Samsung is estimated to earn $110 (on 83/AU$140), due to the Samsung-manufactured OLED displays and memory chips that go into each device. In fact, if the iPhone X strikes it perky, Samsung may make more keep off of iPhone sales than it does off of its own Galaxy S8, according to analysis by Counterpoint Technology (via The Wall Street Journal).

Despite the never-ending genuine battles and competing intensity-tier phones, the two tech companies may rely regarding each new more than you'd expect. Samsung is one of the world's main suppliers of OLED screens. With the iPhone X introducing OLED to iPhone for the first period, Samsung is an obvious out of the unnamed. And even though Apple's phones profit their fancy add-on screens, Samsung makes a healthy get your hands on in the process.

Counterpoint's analysis estimates that Apple will sell a propos 130 million iPhone X's in the 20 months after its debut. If Samsung makes $110 per iPhone, that puts the earnings at $14.3 billion (approximately 10.8 billion/AU$18.3 billion). The same research firm claims that Samsung makes $202 off of components for the Galaxy S8, and estimates 50 million devices sold in a 20-month times. Putting the S8 earnings at $10.1 billion (7.6 billion/AU$12.9 billion), again $4 billion less than the iPhone estimate.

Although this is huge news for Samsung, Apple is reportedly looking into subsidiary manufacturers to source its OLED displays. The without help agonized is that Apple can sell hundreds of millions of iPhones all year, consequently its manufacturers would have to be dexterous to save pace when similarly terrible numbers. Currently, few suppliers can maintain happening along with the amount of OLED screens that Samsung can produce.

In the meantime, Apple may have to take steps approachable later Samsung, especially if it wants to make more OLED iPhones in the higher.

The iPhone X will pardon almost Nov. 3, as soon as preorders starting going approximately for Oct. 27.

Apple did not solution to a request for comment and Samsung declined to comment upon this financial credit.

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