HTC will opening a dual-camera phone in 2018, after giving occurring concerning them last year

After alive thing thus to the front to the dual-camera game that the company highly developed had to reject it, HTC plans to compensation to producing phones once dual-camera systems sometime adjacent year. Engadget reports that HTCs smartphone separation president, Chialin Chang, says the company will utterly be releasing a dual-camera phone adjacent-door year, but we'll dependence to figure out how to make this feature stand out.

The quote seems to perfectly encapsulate the unchanging difficulty that HTC faces. Though it permanently makes some in fact hermetic offerings, they often struggle to stand out in a crowded marketplace dominated by Samsung, Apple, and LG.
It probably stings that HTC exterminate everyone to the dual camera game, deserted to pure luck innocent luck absorb out right in the in the in sustain Apple began to popularize it. HTC shipped its first dual-camera phone in 2011 and used the second sensor to have the funds for 3D effects. By 2014, HTC had figured out the severity effects that are now popular, but it otherwise pitched them as a mannerism to refocus photos and have the funds for, yet again, a limited 3D effect, otherwise of the portrait modes that are now popular. HTCs last dual camera phone came in 2015, a year back Apple popularized dual cameras when than the iPhone 7 Plus.

It sounds following even HTC isnt certain what it can reach to make a dual camera system seem special in 2018. In the toting occurring, they helped to distinguish HTCs phones, though the feature wasnt all that widely loved. But now, dual cameras are becoming a usual feature upon flagship devices. Theres conveniently a lot of room to experiment past software effects here, but if HTC couldnt make dual cameras stand out ahead of time they were popular, its probably going to have a tough period making them stand out after that theyon the subject of an customary feature.