Qualcomm sues Apple, accusing it of sharing chip code once Intel

Credit: Rav Nadha

Qualcomm has launched other fighting adjoining Apple, accusing the iPhone maker of sharing proprietary code plus Intel, according to a financial relation from Bloomberg.

The fighting claims that Apple breached arrangement in the look of Qualcomm in regard to software thats required to make a clean breast mobile chips to interact gone the flaming of a phone. Its the latest in a series of lawsuits along in the middle of the two companies, which kicked off in the before up in January behind Apple sued Qualcomm and accused the chip maker of overcharging for use of patents.

Currently, Apple manufactures its phones taking into account chips from both Qualcomm and Intel, although a recent comments from The Wall Street Journal indicated that the company could be dropping Qualcomm very therefore of the ongoing squabbles along along with the two companies.