New GoPro Hero 7 action camera deal comes with essential accessory freebies

If you want the best in action cameras, you'll struggle to find anything to match the GoPro Hero 7 Black. And today we've found a deal that provides some essential accessories to help provide the best recording experience.

The most up-to-date camera of all the GoPro's main improvement over the also really rather brilliant GoPro Hero 6 Black is the enhanced image stabilisation technology. And given the intense nature of most GoPro activities, you most definitely want that. The voice-activated controls are also much improved this time and if you're wanting to show of your skills in real time, you can now live stream with the GoPro Hero 7 Black.

As we've seen over on our GoPro prices and deals guide though, the best in new technology doesn't come cheap. Today's offer, directly from the GoPro, certainly goes in the right direction though by providing a selection of free bonus content.

Every option provides exceptional value given those accessories cost £49.99 when sold separately and you're looking at around £7-£10 for the memory card depending what brand you pick up elsewhere.

So how does that compare to the cheapest standalone price for a GoPro Hero 7 Black action camera? We've shopped around and found it at Amazon for just £342 instead of £379.99. So yes, that's £38 cheaper, but if you can see yourself getting some use from one of the bundled accessories with the offer at GoPro, then that's clearly the best value option for you given you're getting a £50 item (plus the memory card) for the extra spend. Just want the camera and happy to pick up a memory card yourself? Then the Amazon deal is the best for you today.

Still not sure? Check out our 5-star GoPro Hero 7 Black review to find out why we think this the best in the business.

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